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Supercharge Your Legal Marketing With Live Video

Legal marketing on social media typically follows a reasonably predictable blueprint. You write content, such as a blog post, then you share that content on your social media network of choice. If you have your act together, you may offer an e-book or some other piece of information in exchange for the user’s email address to add them to your mailing list.

Either way, a successful conversion is expressly contingent upon the user taking the time to read whatever it is that you wrote. Unfortunately, many potential clients will pass right by your literary masterpiece because they just don’t care enough to stop and read it. And really, can you blame them? No matter how you dress it up, most legal writing is as dry as a bucket of sawdust in the desert, especially to non-lawyers.

Lucky for you the solution to your problem also happens to be Facebook’s Next Big Thing- video content.

Most attorneys who do their own marketing are a bit hesitant about generating written content, so it is understandable that they would be nervous about putting themselves on video for the Facebook world to see. But it is essential to understand why video, especially live video, is so popular on social media.

First and foremost

People don’t expect live video streams to be polished. As long as you are visible in the frame and there is adequate lighting, you should be fine. Of course, make sure you check and see how you look on screen before you begin broadcasting, especially if you’re shooting the video using the front camera on your phone or tablet. You probably already know this, but nobody wants an in-depth look at the inside of your nose due to an ill-advised camera angle. If possible, get a small stand for your recording device and set it up a few feet away in your office.


live video doesn’t need to last very long. Unless they’re really into the subject matter, most people watch about thirty seconds of an online video before moving on. A good lawyer can take advantage of this by keeping the message short and to the point- just pretend you’re in front of a judge who never lets you finish a sentence without interrupting you. After the live stream is over, the recorded clip will still be available on your Facebook page for everyone to see.

Third of all…? Is that a saying?

This is perhaps the most important, the content can be (and should be) genuinely organic. If you just scored a big win for a client, let people see the smile on your face as you tell people about your victory. (Just remember never to state or even allude to the identity of your client unless they sign a release allowing you to do so for marketing purposes.) Clients want to like their lawyer, and they want to know their lawyer is a winner, so don’t be afraid to engage in a little humble-bragging on occasion.

Another angle for organic content could be to show how hard you work for your clients. If you’re in the office on a Sunday when everyone else is home watching the big game, do a quick live video to subtly let everyone know you’re the kind of lawyer who will make sacrifices to put your clients first. You would be amazed at how quickly word will spread about how dedicated you are to your profession.

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