May 16, 2021

Volume XI, Number 136

Canadian Immigration Practice Group

Whether it is a snowbird wanting to spend more time in the US, someone hoping to move closer to family, or a career opportunity that takes one abroad; more and more Canadians are considering the option of making the move to the US. With many desirable climates, affordability of real estate and the relatively low tax rates, the move can make sense for many individuals. However, it is important to consider the complexities that are involved anytime a move to another country is being contemplated. Canadians who are considering or who have made the decision to move can rely on the experts at Altro LLP’s affiliated entity MCA Cross Border Advisors to help them navigate the path ahead and create a cross border plan to help ensure the move is efficient, effective and free from costly errors.

Without careful planning, the Canadian moving to the US can encounter numerous adverse and unintended consequences that can prove to be costly. In addition, many unique planning opportunities present themselves within a cross border move and it is our firm’s unique expertise that can help unlock the full potential of these opportunities.

Whether still considering the benefits of a move or even if the decision has already been made, an overwhelming list of questions comes to mind. Am I eligible for a visa/green card? How much Canadian departure tax will I owe? Can I obtain health care coverage? What do I do with my Canadian RRSP? What about my other investments, who will manage them in the US? What is the impact to my Canadian pensions? Will I be subject to US estate tax? What happens to my Canadian will? Can I still provide for my heirs who remain in Canada?

Not only will working with our cross border financial planning team help answer all of the questions that arise, a cross border financial plan will ensure each individual situation is optimized and meets your cross border lifestyle goals.


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