October 17, 2019

John W. Pestle

John is a member of the firm's Environmental, Energy and Natural Resources Team. Since 1996 he has represented property owners across the country (businesses, developers, schools, churches, municipalities, real estate companies) on the grant, renewal and modification of cell tower leases with companies like Verizon Wireless, AT&T Wireless, T-Mobile and Crown Castle. He has also represented clients on the evaluation or sale of over sixty (60) cell tower leases and future leasing rights to companies like American Tower, Crown Castle, SBA, Wireless Capital Partners, Unison, Tri-Star Investors and Landmark Dividend. Many of these leases and sales were for antennas on buildings, smokestacks, water towers or other structures and thus were particularly complicated so as to protect the client's future use of the building, structure, water tower etc. for its primary purpose.

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