February 7, 2023

Volume XIII, Number 38

Luis C. Schmidt

Dubbed by his peers as “one of the most knowledgeable IP lawyers in Mexico,” according to Chambers and Partners, Luis Schmidt’s focus is on achieving fair and just protection for his clients. He joined OLIVARES in 1991, became a partner in 1995, and has almost 40 years of  legal experience, with a specialization in the area of copyright in the business of entertainment and culture. He has represente the world’s leading companies in the music, film, television, book publishing, fine art, design, folklore and software.

Mr. Schmidt is head of the firm’s entertainment group, which handles matters pertaining to copyright law and related IP rights, as well as the full range of transactional, litigation and consulting matters. The group Mr. Schmidt heads is experienced in designing and negotiating production or distribution of audiovisual or music projects, by including the drafting of IP, finance, insurance and all sort of transactional deals. The group is strong for litigating cases across the spectrum of IP and related areas, including civil, criminal and administrative actions for validity or ownership of IP rights, IP infringement, defamation and freedom of expression, and of anti-counterfeiting and piracy, particularly take downs and website blocking. They conduct as well alternative dispute resolution (ADR), with emphasis on WIPO or IFTA. The group handles regulatory work before the Copyright Office and other agencies of the federal and local governments that specialize in film or cultural affairs. It is quite experienced in matters pertaining to collective management systems and performs and does deep clearance of rights for films, series, documentaries or for other audiovisual or music productions.

Mr. Schmidt published a book in 2013 titled Intellectual Property, Past & Future.

In 2008, he contributed a Mexican chapter to the book Copyright Throughout the World, published by Thomson West and Slike Von Lewinsky, of the Max Planck Institute. He also has published four books of literature and has recorded, composed, and performed music.

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Luis C. Schmidt, a partner with OLIVARES, is known as one of the most knowledgeable IP attorneys in Mexico. The National Law Review recognizes him as a 2021 Go-To Thought Leader for his analysis of a wide range of intellectual property legislation including the new law for the protection of the cultural heritage of Indigenous and Afro-Mexican Peoples and Communities in Mexico, the initiative to Amend Federal Cinematography Law in Mexico and Library Law in Mexico. Mr. Schmidt not only informs readers of new legislation but also breaks down the most critical elements and provides actionable insights.