April 14, 2021

Volume XI, Number 104

Melanie Trudeau

As Jaffe’s law firm Digital Marketing Strategist, Melanie helps improve clients’ online visibility. Whether it’s a law firm website, a social media channel or an email marketing program, a firm’s digital presence dictates how potential and existing clients find and interact with the firm’s brand online. By combining content marketing, SEO tactics, email campaigns and social media strategies, she develops an integrated digital marketing formula best suited to each client to provide exponential impact.

With a strong background in Google Analytics and other online measurement tools, Melanie begins from the ground up, determining goals and key performance indicators, or KPIs. Custom reporting allows her to work with clients to track the success of initiatives and adjust tactics where appropriate. With detailed analytical reports, she helps law firm marketers develop the deliverables they need for senior management buy-in and the insight for ongoing and future marketing initiatives.


Articles in the National Law Review database by Melanie Trudeau

Melanie Trudeau is the Director of New Business and Digital Strategies at Jaffe, and she is a 2019 National Law Review Go-To Thought Leader for her articles on social media and law firms.  Ms. Trudeau offers practical advice to help attorneys and legal marketing staff increase online visibility using proven and data-based digital marketing best practices including content marketing, SEO tactics, email campaigns and social media strategies.