November 21, 2018


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Jaffe is a complete public relations and marketing resource, devoted primarily to law firms, legal associations and vendors to the legal market. The agency's consultants provide public and media relations consulting, content writing and development, creative services from branding to websites, and search engine optimization. Integrated teams fully support clients in growing and managing their public reputations and attracting new business opportunities. Beyond this are other valued resources unique in the industry, including the agency's speaker services offering LexSpeak™ and RankingsForLawyers™, which helps law firms navigate and capitalize on numerous survey and ranking possibilities.

Contributing authors from Jaffe:

Carlos Arcos, Public Relations, Media, Community Outreach
Vice President Public Relations
Carlos Arcos has been a prominent presence in Houston public relations for 15 years. A former lawyer, he possesses a unique tenacity in securing noteworthy media hits for clients, from the...
Kevin Aschenbrenner, Jaffe, Vice President, Public Reputation Services
Vice President, Public Reputation Services
A legal PR and communications specialist for more than a decade, Kevin advises law firms of all sizes in North America and Europe regarding strategic media relations, crisis communications...
Bethany S. Early, Jaffe, Account Executive Public Relations,
Account Executive Public Relations
Bethany applies a methodical approach to every business matter. Her professionalism, meticulous attention to detail and work ethic serve her well in earning and maintaining the trust of...
Keith Ecker, Jaffe PR, Content Strategist
Content Strategist
As an award-winning writer, masterful storyteller and former legal editor, Keith Ecker routinely applies his unique blend of analytical and creative skills to his role as Jaffe’s law firm...
Susan Holmes, Manager of RankingsForLawyers, Jaffe
Susan Holmes is the Manager of RankingsForLawyersTM at Jaffe, a full-service law firm marketing, branding and PR agency. She works closely with clients to develop rankings strategies,...
Vivian Hood Public Relations Jaffe PR
CEO/Owner, Public Relations
As one of the owners of Jaffe, Vivian balances her responsibilities between managing the agency’s relationships with our clients and staff and providing our clients with high-level PR...
Terry Isner, President of Marketing and Business Development, Jaffe
President of Marketing & Business Development
As someone who is more likely to set trends than to follow them, Terry is the rare mix of business strategist and artist. A multiple LMA Your Honor Award recipient and one of LawDragon’s “...
Jay M. Jaffe, Jaffe PR
President & CEO
President and CEO of Jaffe PR for the past 30 years plus, Jay M. Jaffe is widely known in the legal industry as an innovator of legal marketing services and a proponent of the critical...
Jaffe PR is a complete Public Reputation resource, devoted solely to law firms and legal associations. Media relations is at the heart of our work for clients. Around this core are in-house...
Stephanie Kantor Holtzman, Jaffe, Vice President of Public Relations, marketing agency specialist
Vice President of Public Relations
Stephanie lives and breathes public relations endeavors. As a dedicated public relations professional, her days are spent pairing her clients’ priorities and interests with media that...
Randy Labuzinski, Jaffe, Marketing, Vice President, Public Relations Manager, LexSpeak
Vice President, Public Relations; Manager, LexSpeak™
A former newspaper reporter and editor, Randy provides law firms with valuable perspectives and smart ideas on how to collaborate strategically with media to gain positive exposure in...
Joi Neike of Jaffe PR Legal Marketing Law Firm Business Development
Senior Vice President Marketing & Business Development
As a pioneer in the field with more than 20 years experience in AmLaw firms, Joi Neiki has hands-on experience in all aspects of legal marketing and business development. From 2007 to 2012...
Kathy O'Brien, Public Relations, Jaffe, PR strategist, law firm marketing
Senior Vice President Public Relations
Kathy O’Brien is an award-winning publicist who brings nearly two decades of experience encompassing both corporate and agency work to Jaffe. Having been an in-house marketer and a...
Sue Remley legal Marketing Consulting, Jaffe PR for law firms
Vice President, Marketing Consulting
A true strategist with more than 20 years of experience as a legal services marketer, Sue Remley brings smart, proactive marketing ideas to law firms nationwide. Because Sue knows her...
Michelle Samuels, Jaffe, Public Relations Vice President, Legal Marketing
Vice President
As a Vice President of Public Relations, Michelle specializes in raising the visibility of law firms through strategic media relations campaigns. While Michelle has worked as a public...
Alan E. Singles, Jaffe, Senior Marketing Manager, Digital materials, Print Campaign Development,
Director of Marketing and Graphic Services
Alan has over 30 years of marketing experience, holding senior and managerial positions for one of the 200 largest law firms in the country. He has led the development and creation of all...
Melanie Trudeau, Jaffe, Digital Strategist, Legal Marketing Expert
Digital Strategist
As Jaffe’s law firm Digital Marketing Strategist, Melanie helps improve clients’ online visibility. Whether it’s a law firm website, a social media channel or an email marketing program, a...
Paul D. Webb, Jaffe PR, Senior Vice President Marketing, Business Development
Senior Vice President Marketing & Business Development
Every organization has a distinctive quality and a story to tell, and throughout his career, Paul has been uncovering the kinds of unique narratives that attract clients. Skilled in the...