January 19, 2018

Raymond B. Biagini

A distinguished counselor and litigator, Raymond Biagini has risen to national prominence in a number of high-profile tort cases, defending commercial and government contractors in: 

  • the Exxon Valdez litigation;

  • the Cell Phone Radiation Hazards lawsuits;

  • the "Fen-Phen" litigation;

  • the nationwide Repetitive Stress Injury suits;

  • claims arising out of "friendly fire" accidents during Operation Desert Storm; and

  • "war crimes" allegations filed against manufacturers of military weapons systems sold to Israel.

Mr. Biagini is also widely recognized for his expertise in defending “contractors on the battlefield” in tort litigation, and he has established ground-breaking legal principles at the federal appellate level which immunize defense contractors from tort liability arising out of combatant scenarios. 

Articles in the National Law Review database by Raymond B. Biagini


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