December 13, 2019

Brinks Gilson & Lione

Brinks Gilson & Lione is one of the largest intellectual property law firms in the US and helps clients around the world to protect and enforce their intellectual property rights. Our more than 130 lawyers, patent agents, and scientific advisors assist clients in all aspects of patent, trademark, unfair competition, trade secret, and copyright law. Brinks attorneys provide informed counsel with respect to innovations in a range of complex and valuable technologies, including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, bioengineering, industrial manufacturing, electronics and software and medical devices. 

Brinks Facts:  Intellectual Property Team

  • Attorneys & Scientific Advisors: 130+
  • Technology areas covered: 60+
  • Attorneys with advanced degrees: 30+
  • Languages: 13
  • Licensed at the USPTO: 100+
  • Incorporated: 1917

Diversity and Inclusion:  Moving  Forward Together

At Brinks, we know that diversity is the way forward—not just for our firm, but for a better and more inclusive legal and business community as a whole. Simply put, we are smarter, stronger and more creative when our ideas reflect different perspectives. We don’t just support diversity—we actively seek it out. Reporting directly to our firm president, our Diversity & Inclusion Committee leads an array of initiatives to help people of different races, genders and sexual orientations succeed at Brinks, including:

  • Firmwide cultural competence training

  • Robust mentoring programs

  • Recruitment at minority job fairs and law schools

  • Sponsorship of diverse legal and charitable organizations

  • Active involvement in minority networking organizations

  • Meaningful, high-profile work assignments for all professionals.

Contributing authors from Brinks Gilson & Lione:

A. John Murray, Brinks Gilson Law Firm, Chicago, Intellectual Property Law Attorney
John focuses his practice on patent preparation and prosecution with a technical concentration in the areas of medical devices (including implantable and drug-eluting devices),...
Bashir Ali, Stakeholder, Intellectual property lawyer, Brinks Gilson
From batteries and fuel cells to drug delivery and synthetic chemistry, Bashir Ali has helped clients obtain more than 200 U.S. patents. With both a Ph.D. and a B.S. in chemistry, Bashir...
Lawrence Almeda IP Law Lawyer, Brinks
With almost 20 years of experience in intellectual property law, Lawrence G. (“L.G.”) Almeda has helped secure and protect the innovations of the world’s largest corporations and the newest...
Andrew Avsec Trademark IP Attorney
Andrew Avsec is co-chair of the firm’s Trademark Practice Group. Andrew partners with clients to provide practical legal advice tailored to achieving business goals. Andrew advises clients...
Jacob Bachman Patent Prosecution Lawyer Brinks Gilson
Combining both litigation and patent prosecution experience, Jacob Bachman brings a 360-degree perspective to protecting and enforcing intellectual property assets. His dual focus provides...
Erik M. Bokar Associate Trade Secrets
Erik’s strong mechanical and aerospace background allows him to quickly gain a deep understanding of a client’s technologies. Erik is an associate in the Chicago office of Brinks Gilson...
William Boudreaux IP lawyer Brinks Gilson Law Firm
Bill Boudreaux is an experienced pharmaceutical patent lawyer, bringing more than 20 years of experience from both in-house and private practice settings. Bill’s extensive in-house...
Scott Brim, IP Lawyer, Brinks Gilson
In his 13 years as a patent prosecution attorney at Brinks Gilson & Lione, Scott Brim has developed both breadth and depth, advising all his clients on how to obtain patents and secure...
Evi Christou Intellectual Property Litigation Attorney
Evi Christou focuses her practice on intellectual property litigation and trademark prosecution and enforcement.  Appearing in federal courts, Evi represents clients in cases involving ...
James Cleland, Brinks Gilson, Intellectual property lawyer,
Working relentlessly to achieve his clients’ objectives, Jim Cleland brings a mix of high energy, a wealth of litigation experience in district, appellate and patent courts across the...
Eric Cohen, Brinks Gilson, Litigation lawyer
Deeply experienced and highly respected by peers and his clients, Eric C. Cohen is an accomplished patent, trademark and copyright attorney who focuses on litigation. For more than 35 years...
Trevor K Copeland Shareholder Brinks, Gilson and Lione Design Protection Licensing Litigation Patent Prosecution IP Law
Trevor Copeland helps clients build strong patent portfolios that protect commercial products and support future development. He has drafted and prosecuted dozens of issued utility and...
Heidi Dare, Brinks Gilson, IP Lawyer
Heidi counsels clients in patent related matters including international patent portfolio management and due diligence analyses. Heidi’s practice focuses on patent prosecution in technical...
Betsy Derwinski, Brinks Gilson, patent lawyer
Betsy Derwinski focuses on U.S. and foreign patent application preparation and prosecution, currently devoting a significant portion of her practice to leading athletic footwear and apparel...
J William Dockrey, Patent attorney, Brinks Gilson
William Dockrey focuses on all aspects of Intellectual Property Law practice patent prosecution, opinions, counseling, technology transfer, including patent infringement litigation, and...
Jafon Fearson Chicago IP Attorney Brinks Gilson Law Firm
Jafon Fearson leverages prosecution and litigation experience across the IP spectrum to craft forward-focused solutions that are practical and client-specific. Whether drafting pleadings...
Yuezhong Fend, Shareholder, IP attorney, Brinks Gilson
With a Ph.D. in organic chemistry, Yuezhong Feng is used to handling challenging subject matter. He puts his technical knowledge to work litigating complex patent, Hatch-Waxman (ANDA),...
David S. Fleming Intellectual Property Lawyer Brinks Gilson and Lione Law Firm
Dave has over 35 years of litigation experience, focusing on intellectual property issues for clients in many different industries. He also advises clients with complex branding, clearance...
William Frankel Lawyer Brinks Gilson Law FIrm
Clients and colleagues alike recognize Bill Frankel for his extraordinary range of experience and his effective advocacy in intellectual property disputes. His litigation practice...
John Freeman, Brinks Gilson, IP Lawyer
A former U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (“USPTO”) Patent Examiner, John Freeman focuses his practice on patent preparation and prosecution; counseling; licensing; and opinion work,...
Kent Genin, Brinks Gilson Law Firm, Chicago, Intellectual Property and Litigation Law Attorney
Kent Genin focuses his practice on patent litigation and prosecution, and has extensive experience preparing and prosecuting patent applications both inside the U.S. and internationally....
Christopher Gerardod, Brinks Gilson Law Firm, Chicago, Intellectual Property Law Attorney
Christopher focuses his practice on drafting and prosecuting patents and managing US and foreign patent portfolios for both large and small clients.  He strives to understand his clients’...
Sarah Goodman, patent lawyer, Brinks Gilson
Prior to law school, Sarah worked in a laboratory focusing on the genetic causes of neurological disorders and in the clinical laboratory of a hospital. Sarah has experience working with...
Jeffrey Handelman, Brinks Gilson Law Firm, Chicago, Intellectual Property and Litigation Law Attorney
With more than 30 years of handling complex intellectual property (IP) litigation, Jeffery A. Handelman is nationally recognized for his experience and knowledge as a litigator and...
Jonathan Hartley Brinks Gilson Patent Agent
Patent Agent
Dr. Jonathan Hartley brings nearly a decade of laboratory research experience solving difficult technical problems to the firm, enabling him to assist clients with complex intellectual...
Aisha Hasan, Brinks Gilson Law Firm, Triangle Research Park, Intellectual Property Law Attorney
Aisha brings an extensive background as a scientific researcher to a legal practice centered on the preparation and prosecution of U.S. and foreign patent applications as well as the...
Judy He Patent attorney Brinks Gilson Law Firm In Chicago
Judy’s dual background in Chemistry and Finance allows her to quickly identify and accomplish the IP goals of her clients. As a former editor of the Iowa Law Review, Judy is detail oriented...
Tadashi Horie, Brinks Gilson Law Firm, Chicago, Intellectual Property Law Attorney
Tadashi Horie brings more than 20 years of experience to a practice focused on patent prosecution, opinion, and licensing issues. With a deep background in electrical and computer-related...
Fei Hu Intellectual Property Lawyer Brinks
With significant intellectual property experience in leading technology companies, Fei Hu has an inside view of the vision and demands of the Internet, semiconductor and telecommunication...
Michael Hussey, Shareholder, Brinks Gilson, IP/Technology lawyer
Michael Hussey applies his extensive technology and business experience to help his clients leverage and navigate the complex world of intellectual property law.  His clients range from...
Joshua James, Brinks Gilson Law Firm, Chicago, Biotech and Intellectual Property Law Attorney
Energetic and committed, Josh James brings a strong background in biomedical and chemical engineering to helping clients strengthen and enforce their intellectual property rights. His...
Jason Seung-Hyun Jang, Brinks Gilson Law Firm, Washington DC, Intellectual Property Law Attorney
Jason Jang is an experienced patent attorney with a background in mechanical and aeronautics engineering.  His work focuses on patent prosecution in the mechanical, aerospace and electrical...
Harold Johnson Infringement Lawyer Brinks
With more than three decades of experience to his credit, Harry Johnson brings an unequalled perspective to client counseling and litigation. Whether he is providing authoritative opinions...
Emily Kappers, Brinks Gilson Law Firm, Chicago, Intellectual Property Law Attorney
Emily Kappers focuses her intellectual property law practice on trademark, trade dress, copyright, and unfair competition law. Emily represents a diverse range of clients, from large...
Eric Krischke Patent Lawyer Brinks
Eric Krischke is a registered patent attorney with more than 18 years of experience representing domestic and international clients before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.  His...
Brad Lane is a seasoned litigator who works with clients to understand and identify their big-picture objectives and think forward to the best way to achieve them.  Brad is hands-on at...
Stephen Leahu, Brinks Gilson Law Firm, Tampa, Intellectual Property Law Attorney
Stephen J. Leahu partners with clients to protect and enforce their rights in all areas of intellectual property law. He is Board Certified in Intellectual Property Law. His experience...
Peter Lee, Brinks Gilson Law Firm, Chicago, Intellectual Property Litigation Attorney
Peter Lee counsels a broad range of clients in the electrical and computer arts in both the United States and internationally. With his extensive experience prosecuting patents, litigating...
Sungwook (Sung) Lee has experience in various aspects of patent practice including patent application preparation, patent prosecution and patent litigation. His practice focuses on...
David Lindner, Brinks Gilson Law Firm, Chicago, Intellectual Property and Litigation Law Attorney
David Lindner is experienced in all facets of patent protection, including litigation, counseling, and U.S. and foreign prosecution. David applies his extensive technical background to...
John Lingl focuses his practice of intellectual property law on patent, copyright and trademark litigation and prosecuting both foreign and domestic patent applications in numerous...
With 130+ attorneys and patent agents, Brinks is one of the nation’s largest law firms dedicated to intellectual property law. Our litigators focus on intellectual property disputes only,...
Dan Liu, Brinks Gilson, business transactions attorney
Prior to joining Brinks, Dan worked as a businessperson in China in different industries, from business training to financial investment, dealing with a diverse client base across a wide...
Paul Lunsford, Brinks Gilson Law Firm, Indianapolis, Intelectual Property Law Attorney
Paul Lunsford is known for solving patent problems quickly and efficiently. From initial analysis, to application drafting, to working with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Paul takes...
Laura Lydigsen, Brinks Gilson Law Firm, Chicago, Intellectual Property and Litigation Attorney
Laura is the chair of the firm’s appellate practice group. Her practice includes intellectual property litigation at both the district court and appellate level, with a focus on...
Robert Mallin, Brinks Gilson Law Firm, Chicago, Intellectual Property and Litigation Law Attorney
Patent litigator Robert Mallin uses his experience as litigation strategist and first-chair trial attorney to maximize his clients’ returns in patent and trademark disputes. Having...
Virginia Wolks Marino Brinks Gilson Law Firm Chicago Intellectual Property Law Attorney
Virginia Marino focuses her intellectual property law practice on all aspects of domestic and global brand protection, copyright and unfair competition law.  Virginia has extensive...
Ryan Marshall Chemical Patent Lawyer Brinks Gilson
Ryan Marshall is a seasoned chemical and pharmaceutical patent lawyer, bringing over 15 years of experience to clients. Ryan is known for his thoughtful and creative approaches to address...
Andrew Drew McElligott Copyright Attorney
Drew focuses his practice on patent and trademark litigation, representing leading companies in the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors, as well as consumer products manufacturers....
Howard Michael, Brinks Gilson Law Firm, Chicago, Intellectual Property Law Attorney
Howard Michael is a chair of the firm's Trademark Practice Group. With nearly 20 years experience in intellectual property law, Howard has helped protect trademarks, copyrights, advertising...
Laura Beth Miller, Brinks Gilson Law Firm, Chicago, Intellectual Property and Litigation Law Attorney
Laura brings high energy, personal commitment, and a wealth of experience to every project she tackles.  Whether representing a high tech company in a patent infringement proceeding before...
Rashad Morgan, Brinks Gilson Law Firm, Research Triangle Park, Intellectual Property and Litigation Law Attorney
Rashad Morgan maintains a broad-based intellectual property practice that includes opinion work, due diligence review, and patent litigation, with a particular focus on patent prosecution...
Gerlinde (Linda) Nattler, Brinks Gilson Law Firm, Ann Arbor, Intellectual Property Law Attorney
With many years of international in-house patent prosecution experience, Linda Nattler knows how important it is to view patent applications in the context of a client’s business and...
James Naughton, Chicago Lawyer, Patent Attorney, Brinks Gilson Law Firm
Senior Shareholder
Jim Naughton is a senior shareholder with Brinks Gilson & Lione with over 35 years of experience in patent litigation, procurement and counseling. He has created and managed several...
Joshua Ney, Brinks Gilson Law Firm, Ann Arbor, Intellectual Property, Biotechnology and Litigation Law Attorney
Dr. Joshua Ney focuses his practice on patent litigation and prosecution in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and chemical industries. His litigation experience includes handling matters...
Jeff Nichols, Brinks Gilson, IP Lawyer
Jeff Nichols is a trusted advisor, problem solver, and accomplished litigator. He achieves outstanding results for clients in important, high-stakes litigation. Jeff is a leader. He is co-...
Douglas Oguss, Shareholder, IP attorney, Brinks Gilson
Doug is a shareholder who manages complex intellectual property portfolios. Selected by his peers as an "Emerging Lawyer" in the 2015-2017 editions of Emerging Lawyers Magazine, Doug has...
Daniel Parrish, Brinks Gilson, IP Lawyer
Daniel draws on his engineering background to serve intellectual property clients, predominantly in patent prosecution, opinion work, and all phases of trial practice.  He works with global...
Jason W. Schigelone Chicago IP Law Litigation Patent Prosecution
Jason focuses his practice on patent litigation and prosecution in the chemical, medical and mechanical arts.  He has experience in domestic and international patent prosecution and patent...
Robert D. Shereda Ph. D Patent Agent Brinks Gilson & Lione Law Firm
Patent Agent
A former researcher in both academia and biotech, Rob Shereda has a knack for asking the right questions to gain a deeper understanding of complex scientific problems and their solutions....
Andrea L. Shoffstall Associate Chicago Litigation Patent Prosecution
Associate Andrea Shoffstall’s practice primarily involves patent litigation in various technology fields, including biomedical devices, computer software and mechanical inventions.  She...
James Sobieraj, Intellectual Property, Litigation, Chicago, Brinks, Gilson and Lione Law Firm
Jim Sobieraj has more than 35 years of experience in intellectual property and commercial litigation.  He has successfully defended a large multi-level marketing company in several...
Theresa Starck IP Lawyer Brinks Gilson
Theresa has industry experience developing and testing cutting edge technologies such as those used in flexible and wearable electronics.
Jennifer Theis, Brinks Gilson Law Firm, Ann Arbor, Intellectual Property Law Attorney
Jennifer’s diverse intellectual property law practice focuses on all aspects of trademark law, patent law, copyright law and unfair competition law. Her litigation experience includes civil...
Andrew Umlauf, patent attorney, Brinks Gilson
Andrew Umlauf has significant experience in the defense, industrial and consumer industries.  Whether there is a technical or legal issue at hand, he has a knack for breaking down complex...
Lyle Vander Schaaf Intellectual Property Lawyer Brinks
Lyle began his career on IP cases representing small companies defending themselves against Fortune 500 corporations in “bet the company” type ITC proceedings and learned early on how...
Sen (Alex) Wang, Brinks Gilson Law Firm, Chicago, Intellectual Property Litigation Attorney
Alex focuses his practice on patent drafting, prosecution, and litigation. His extensive training in Mechanical Design, Manufacturing, and Automation enables him to have a quick grasp of a...
Keith Weiss, Brinks Gilson, intellectual patent lawyer
Keith is not just an intellectual property attorney, but also an inventor who understands the product development cycle having been through the process many times. Keith’s strong science...

Brinks Gilson & Lione has been selected for a 2018 NLR Go-To Thought Leadership Award for coverage of Intellectual Property law, especially patent litigation. The attorney-authors at Brinks Gilson write consistently on patent litigation, analyzing the decisions coming from the PTAB and the Federal Circuit and providing practical guidance on their meaning for NLR readers.