May 16, 2022

Volume XII, Number 136


May 16, 2022

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3 Marketing Activities Attorneys Can Effortlessly Delegate

Many attorneys struggle to market their firms effectively while also looking after the day-to-day activities in the practice.

I am here to tell you that you, the attorney, do not need to do it all.

Deep down I bet you know this… but when you sit down to tackle a marketing strategy such as writing a blog post, following up with referral sources or looking for speaking opportunities, you feel it is up to you to make it all happen.

In this article I have outlined three specific marketing activities that you should delegate to your law firm staff. While you may be required to review and provide final approval, you can relax by knowing that the tasks are being looked after without consuming your valuable time.

i. Manage the Overall Marketing Schedule

We both know there is no way you can create and manage an effective marketing schedule while taking care of your clients.

The first step is to identify someone in your practice who can be responsible and accountable for managing the marketing of your practice. If you do not already have a marketing assistant, perhaps consider hiring one. Or, as you get started, an assistant can take on this added role.

Your new marketing assistant should be responsible for:

  • Developing consistent content
  • Recording potential topics for articles/blog posts
  • Leveraging content between the website, blog and social media
  • Identifying who else in the practice will provide content; setting their posting schedule; and enforcing their deadlines
  • Ensuring that publications go out regularly and on schedule

ii. Send Critical Communication: Your Regular Ezine or Newsletter

If you have not already implemented this strategy in your firm, these steps will help to ensure a successful newsletter that reaches your prospects and clients:Sending a periodic ezine or other electronic newsletter is still a must-do legal marketing strategy.

  • Have a template designed for your newsletter
  • Schedule when the ezine will be sent to subscribers
  • Identify the software program you will use to deliver the newsletter
  • Draft new copy or pull copy from your blog for the ezine
  • Confirm offers/calls to action

iii. Research Potential Speaking Opportunities

Do you wish local organizations and associations would call you to speak at their events?

Speaking is an excellent opportunity to build your credibility and visibility. But effective speeches are not off-the-cuff. They take time to prepare and time to deliver—time away from your practice. To ensure that you use your time effectively, you should delegate:

  • Researching potential associations/organizations where you can speak to your specific target market
  • Documenting contact information, website links, upcoming events and membership details of any organizations that you would like to contact to ask for them to have you speak
  • Researching upcoming workshops, seminars and conferences that may be looking for an attorney with your specialty

Your law firm staff can assist you with marketing efforts. Determine which activities are most important to you, then speak with your staff to identify the best person to assist with the tasks.

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