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Five New Year’s Resolutions for Enterprise Marketers

The New Year is coming very soon—so what are you planning to do to better yourself as an enterprise marketer in 2012? With marketers finding new ways to leverage social media channels and content marketing, it’s no secret where your priorities lie. Still, it always helps to build out your priorities and resolutions into your 2012 marketing plan.

Below you’ll find some good jumping-off points to get your 2012 marketing plan off to the right start.

1. Embrace the video revolution.

Video consumption represents a gigantic portion of web traffic. It doesn’t matter to whom you’re marketing; you’ll get the message across with video. Make a key part of your 2012 marketing and content strategy and if performed correctly, you’ll receive a generous boost in leads.

2. Establish a presence in online communities.

You’ve surely spent time marketing yourself on Facebook and Twitter—but what about online communities consisting of a targeted sample of your audience? Chances are someone out there has built an online community around your business’ topic of expertise; if it’s an effective one with a highly engaged audience, why aren’t you taking part in the conversation?

3. Offer more free, no-catches content.

Still building whitepapers that require payment—whether in the form of financial compensation or personal information—for download? The web is rife with free information, so why would you make your audience pay for something that can help position your business as a leader in the field? Consider annihilating the old barriers to entry for potential clients.

4. Source ideas from your staff.

Crowdsourcing has seen some success in the enterprise community. You have a huge untapped source of innovators in your staff. Some of them are experts in your field, while others of them may be early adopters of new technology. Innovation stems from making the most of the resources you have at your disposal, so find new ways to tap into them.

5. Find the story that needs telling and share it.

Storytelling is a powerful part of marketing because it ties in a human element and frames your service in terms of its applications and proven benefits, rather than the methodology behind it.

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