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June 06, 2023

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June 04, 2023

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Gold Dome Report – Legislative Day 39 (2023)

In the final sprint towards Sine Die on Wednesday, faces are beginning to look drawn and weary. But, if one listens closely, you can faintly hear, “O Christmas tree, O Christmas tree, how lovely are thy branches,” as lobbyists and legislators work together to assemble their bills like ornaments on a tree. The House Rules Committee passed out seven Rules Committee substitutes on Monday with more sure to come. The cooperative efforts are a strange take on the Spirit of Christmas. More on what’s happening on Sine Die Eve in this #GoldDomeReport.

In this Report:

  • Floor Notes

  • What’s Next

Floor Notes

The House took up the following measures as of 7:00 p.m. on Legislative Day 39:

  • SB 62 - Counties and Municipal Corporations; certain local ordinances or policies relating to public camping or sleeping; prohibit (Substitute)(Ed-29th) Dolezal-27th. The Committee Substitute passed by a vote of 99-76.

  • SB 92 - Prosecuting Attorneys Oversight Commission; create (Substitute) (JudyNC-Gullett-19th) Robertson-29th (Rules Committee Substitute LC 47 2519S). The Rules Committee Substitute passed by a vote of 97-77.

  • SB 107 - "Izzy's Law"; Depart. of Public Health shall develop and make available for download from its internet website a model aquatic safety plan based on national standards for private swim instructors; provide (PH-Hilton-48th) Burns-23rd (Rules Committee Substitute LC 54 0252S). The Rules Committee Substitute passed by a vote of 169-0.

  • SB 109 - Department of Community Health; include continuous glucose monitors as a pharmacy benefit for Medicaid recipients; require (Substitute)(PH-23rd) Echols-49th. The Committee Substitute passed by a vote of 170-5.

  • SB 133 - Juvenile Code; a uniform process to assume custody of children as a result of disposition orders; create (RULES Substitute)(JuvJ-123rd) Strickland-17th. The Rules Committee Substitute was RECOMMITTED.

  • SB 137 - Tuition Equalization Grants at Private Colleges and Universities; definition of approved school; revise (Substitute)(HEd-Dempsey-13th) Burns-23rd. The Committee Substitute was RECOMMITTED.

  • SB 145 - "Landscape Equipment and Agricultural Fairness (LEAF) Act"; enact (Substitute)(GAff-Gullett-19th) Still-48th. The Committee Substitute passed by a vote of 103-67.

  • SB 146 - Georgia Public Service Commission; regulation and taxation of the provision of certain electricity used as a motor fuel in electric vehicles; provide (RULES Substitute)(T&II-11th) Gooch-51st. The Rules Committee Substitute passed by a vote of 175-1.

  • SB 159 - Correctional Institutions of States and Counties; wireless communications and stand-alone electronic devices behind guard lines; prohibit (Substitute)(PS&HS-180th) Robertson-29th. The Committee Substitute passed by a vote of 103-72.

  • SB 168 - Hospitals and Nursing Homes; chiropractic practice to have a lien on a cause of action accruing to an injured person; allow (Judy-123rd) Williams-25th. The bill passed y a vote of 170-4.

  • SB 211 - Georgia Council on Literacy; establish (Substitute)(Ed-Ballard-147th) Hickman-4th. The Committee Substitute passed by a vote of 175-0.

  • SB 216 - Children and Youth Services; respite care for foster parents for longer periods of time pursuant to circumstances; authorize (JuvJ-23rd) Brass-28th. The bill passed by a vote of 167-0.

  • SB 222 - Primaries and Elections; all costs and expenses relating to election administration are paid for with lawfully appropriate public funds; provide (Substitute)(GAff-120th) Burns-23rd. The bill was RECOMMITTED.

  • SB 246 - Georgia Board of Health Care Workforce; student loan repayment for certain nursing faculty; provide (Substitute)(HEd-Gambill-15th) Hodges-3rd.  The bill was RECOMMITTED.

The House had the following measures left on its agenda at our Report deadline:

  • SB 11 - Georgia Fights Terrorism Act"; enact (PS&HS-Lott-131st) Albers-56th

  • SB 13 - Public Sales; tax levies and executions; authorize online (Substitute) (Judy-Smith-18th) Albers-56th (Rules Committee Substitute LC 43 2866S)

  • SB 56 - Ad Valorem Taxation; state revenue commissioner to contract with the board of the Employees' Retirement System of Georgia to offer certain county tax commissioners the option to participate in a state administered deferred compensation plan; require (Substitute)(Ret-Scoggins-14th) Hufstetler-52nd (Rules Committee Substitute LC 43 2865S)

  • SB 68 - Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations; offense of dogfighting as racketeering activity; include (JudyNC-Vance-133rd) Williams-25th

  • SB 127 - Excise Tax; procedures for certain local governments to change the designated private sector nonprofit organization; provide (W&M-Stephens-164th) Hickman-4th

  • SB 160 - Employment Security; provisions (I&L-Cameron-1st) Still-48th

  • SB 195 - "Freedom to Work Act"; enact (RegI-Ballard-147th) Walker III-20th (Rules Committee Substitute LC 46 0655S)

  • SB 233 - 'The Georgia Promise Scholarship Act'; establishment of promise scholarship accounts (Substitute)(Ret-46th) Dolezal-27th

  • SB 240 - Retirement and Pensions; the minimum and maximum allowable benefit multiplier for current and future retirees; revise (Substitute) (Ret-Carson-46th) Walker III-20th (Rules Committee Substitute LC 43 2861S)

  • HR 488 - House Rural Development Council; reauthorize (ED&T-Meeks-178th)

  • SR 175 - Joint Study Committee on Dual Enrollment for Highly Skilled Talent at Younger Ages; create (Substitute)(Ed-Townsend-179th) Brass-28th

The Senate took up the following measures as of 7:00 p.m. on Legislative Day 39:

  • SR 250 - City of East Point and the City of South Fulton; take joint action to activate the East Point and South Fulton Hospital Authorities to establish a new hospital; urge (H&HS-35th). The resolution passed by a vote of 52-0.

  • HB 86 - Sales and use tax; sales of tangible personal property used for or in the renovation or expansion of certain aquariums; exempt (Substitute)(W&M-124th) Albers-56th. The Committee Substitute passed by a vote of 52-2.

  • HB 88 - Coleman-Baker Act; enact (Substitute)(JudyNC-120th) Robertson-29th

  • HB 91 - Wills, trusts and administration of estates; notices to beneficiaries regarding issuance of letters testamentary; require (Judy-9th) Hatchett-20th. The bill passed by a vote of 50-0.

  • HB 119 - Uniform rules of the road; procedure for passing stationary vehicles; provide (Substitute)(MotV-174th) McLaurin-14th

  • HB 121 - Waters, ports and watercraft; wakesurfing and wakeboarding; provide restrictions and requirements (Substitute)(GF&P-10th) Kennedy-18th. The Committee Substitute passed by a vote of 51-2.

  • HB 130 - Georgia Student Finance Authority; student loan repayment for peace officers; provide (Substitute)(HEd-15th) Hatchett-20th

  • HB 132 - Buildings and housing; amend Georgia state minimum standard codes to authorize certain uses of ungraded lumber; require (A&CA-136th) Anderson-24th. The bill passed by a vote of 46-4.

  • HB 182 - Property; curing defective deeds and other instruments; revise provisions (Substitute)(Judy-99th) Strickland-17th. The Committee Substitute passed by a vote of 52-2.

  • HB 186 - Appeal and error; filing of petitions for review in reviewing courts from lower judicatories; revise an exception (Judy-123rd) Kennedy-18th. The bill passed by a vote of 54-0.

  • HB 196 - Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission; subject to Administrative Procedure Act and laws governing open meetings and records; provide (RULES Substitute)(JudyNC-33rd) Cowsert-46th. The Rules Committee Substitute passed by a vote of 53-3.

  • HB 227 - Crimes and offenses; offense of criminal interference with critical infrastructure; provide (Substitute)(JudyNC-123rd) Cowsert-46th. The Committee Substitute passed by a vote of 52-1.

  • HB 228 - Education; tuition equalization grants at private colleges and universities; expand definition of approved school (Substitute)(HEd-13th) Burns-23rd. The Committee Substitute passed by a vote of 47-1.

  • HB 254 - Civil practices; alternative procedure for designation of official legal organ; provide (Substitute)(Juddy-136th) Anderson-24th. The Committee Substitute passed by a vote of 53-0.

  • HB 315 - Commissioner of Insurance; promulgate rules and regulations regarding cost-sharing requirements for diagnostic and supplemental breast screening examinations; provide (Ins-173rd) Kirkpatrick-32nd. The bill passed by a vote of 48-1.

  • HB 412 - Income tax; repeal a limitation on types of partnerships that may elect to pay income taxes at the entity level (Substitute)(W&M-112th) Albers-56th. The Committee Substitute passed by a vote of 48-1.

  • HB 538 - Georgia Early Literacy Act; enact (Substitute)(Ed-147th) Hickman-4th. The Committee Substitute passed by a vote 48-1.

  • HB 557 - Professions and businesses; authority to certain nurses and physician assistants to prescribe Schedule II controlled substances; authorize (Substitute)(PHth-164th) Walker III-20th. The Committee Substitute passed by a vote of 53-1.

  • HB 611 - Budgetary and financial affairs; disposition of state funds derived from certain legal judgments or settlements; provide (Substitute)(B&FAO-176th) Tillery-19th. The Committee Substitute passed by a vote of 51-1.

  • HR 256 - Sophia Ruth Fisher Interchange; Tift County; dedicate (Substitute)(Trans-169th) Dolezal-27th. The Committee Substitute passed by a vote of 50-0.

The Senate had the following measures left on its agenda as of our deadline:

  • SR 85 - Senate Occupational Licensing Study Committee; create (Rules-20th)

  • SR 147 - Senate Local Option Sales Tax Study Committee; create (Rules-2nd)

  • SR 155 - Senate Truck Driver Shortages Study Committee; create (Rules-31st)

  • SR 275 - Senate Study Committee on Expanding Georgia's Workforce; create (Rules-56th)

  • SR 279 - Senate Study Committee on Certificate of Need Reform; create (Rules-27th)

  • SR 282 - Senate Study Committee on Foster Care and Adoption; create (Rules-32nd)

  • SR 371 - Senate Study Committee on Rural Medical Personnel Recruitment; create (Rules-50th)

  • HB 31 - Conservation and natural resources; Hazardous Waste Trust Fund; dedicate proceeds of certain hazardous waste fees (W&M-137th) Hufstetler-52nd

  • HB 43 - Council on American Indian Concerns; revise membership (SP&CA-98th) Anavitarte-31st

  • HB 51 - Education; local boards of education use vehicles other than school buses for transport of students; authorize (Substitute)(Ed-169th) Robertson-29th

  • HB 63 - Insurance; insurers providing policies for groups of 20 or more to furnish claims experience at the request of a group policyholder; require (Ins-148th) Walker III-20th

  • HB 82 - Income tax; limit eligibility for rural physician tax credit to physicians who qualify on or before December 31, 2023 (Substitute)(W&M-128th) Burns-23rd

  • HB 126 - Appeal and error; judgments deemed directly appealable; change a provision Substitute) (JUDY-17th) Smith-18th

  • HB 139 - Criminal procedure; restrictions of disclosure of personal information of nonsworn employees; provisions (JudyNC-118th) Albers-56th

  • HB 143 - Community Health, Department of; include continuous glucose monitors as a pharmacy benefit for Medicaid recipients; require (Substitute)(PHth-149th) Echols-49th

  • HB 144 - George L. Burgess Act; enact (Substitute)(JJ-115th) Albers-56th

  • HB 175 - Motor vehicles; federal regulations regarding safe operation of commercial motor vehicle and carriers; update reference date (Substitute) (PUB SAF-9th) Daniel-117th

  • HB 181 - Controlled Substances; mitragynine and hydroxymitragynine are Schedule I; provide (Substitute)(JudyNC-179th) Albers-56th

  • HB 183 - Motor vehicles; temporary license plates and operating permits; revise terminology (MotV-5th) Payne-54th

  • HB 188 - Georgia Dangerous Sexual Predator Prevention Act; enact (Substitute)(JudyNC-180th) Albers-56th

  • HB 219 - Banking and finance; venue for offense of money laundering; provide (Substitute)(JudyNC-48th) Albers-56th

  • HB 220 - Property; means of enforcement of condominium and property owners' association instruments, rules, and regulations; provide (Substitute)(Judy-123rd) Strickland-17th

  • HB 230 - Revenue and taxation; qualified consolidated government special purpose local option sales tax; provide (Substitute)(W&M-127th) Burns-23rd

  • HB 237 - State government; Southeast Georgia Soap Box Derby as official soap box derby of the State of Georgia; designate (Substitute)(Special Rules-156th) Brass-28th

  • HB 244 - Board of Natural Resources; effective date for certain rules and regulations; extend (Substitute)(GF&P-166th) Hodges-3rd

  • HB 249 - Education; needs based financial aid program; provide definition (Substitute)(HEd-49th) Burns-23rd

  • HB 269 - Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act; authorize local workforce development boards to conduct meetings via teleconference (Substitute)(GAff-146th) Walker III-20th

  • HB 279 - Insurance; discount for property owners who build a new property that better resists tornado, hurricane, or other catastrophic windstorm events; provide (Ins-15th) Robertson-29th

  • HB 290 - Revenue and taxation; county tax commissioner duties; revise provisions (Substitute)(W&M-14th) Hufstetler-52nd

  • HB 291 - Guardian and ward; add to the list of providers who are authorized to participate in the processes for appointment of a guardian for an adult (JJ-14th) Watson-11th

  • HB 294 - Insurance; administration of certain rehabilitation policies by a ceding insurer placed into liquidation; provisions (Substitute)(Ins-167th) Walker III-20th

  • HB 295 - Insurance; consumer protections against surprise billing; revise certain procedures Ins-27th) Hufstetler-52nd

  • HB 299 - Georgia Code; add appropriate references to United States Space Force; provisions (D&VA-21st) Kirkpatrick-32nd

  • HB 302 - Crimes and offenses; issuance of a temporary or permanent protective order by the court; provide (JudyNC-160th) Watson-1st

  • HB 309 - Health; financial stability requirements for applicants and licensees of personal care homes and assisted living communities; revise provisions (H&HS-32nd) Cooper-45th

  • HB 317 - State Employees' Assurance Department; assignment of certain group term life insurance benefits; provisions (Substitute)(Ins-173rd) Williams-25th

  • HB 218 - Education; reestablishment of Office of Charter School Compliance under State Charter Schools Commission (Substitute)(Ed-48th) Echols-49th

  • HB 319 - Education; abolish Georgia Higher Education Assistance Corporation (HEd-49th) Burns-23rd

  • HB 327 - Crimes and offenses; incest; include step-grandparent and step-grandchild relationship (JUDY-54th) Cameron-1st

  • HB 338 - Student Technology Protection Act; enact (Substitute)(Ed-32nd) Anavitarte-31st

  • HB 340 - Education; daily duty-free planning periods for teachers in grades six through twelve; provide (Substitute)(Ed-174th) Anavitarte-31st

  • HB 353 - Georgia Lottery for Education Act; administrative procedures regarding coin operated amusement machines shall be subject to Chapter 13 of Title 50; provide (Substitute) (ED&T-45th) Powell-33rd

  • HB 362 - Insurance; benefit provider to disclose certain payments to a treating healthcare provider; provide (Ins-74th) Merritt-9th

  • HB 374 - Local government; municipal deannexation; repeal certain provisions (Substitute)(GAff-21st) Still-48th

  • HB 384 - Insurance; annual notification by insurers to male insureds of coverage for prostate-specific antigen tests; provide (Ins-113th) Merritt-9th

  • HB 404 - Safe at Home Act; enact (Judy-4th) Hufstetler-52nd

  • HB 406 - Georgia Public Service Commission; regulation of the provision of certain electricity used as a motor fuel in electric vehicles; provide (Substitute)(T&II-11th) Gooch-51st

  • HB 416 - Pharmacies; authorize qualified pharmacy technicians to administer certain vaccines (Hth-53rd) Hatchett-50th

  • HB 437 - Georgia State Indemnification Commission; abolish and authorize commissioner of administrative services to assume duties; provisions (SLGO(G)-56th) Hitchens-161st

  • HB 444 - Property; revise when an action may operate as a lis pendens (Judy-99th) Strickland-17th

  • HB 453 - Health; ambulance services pay annual license fee; repeal requirement (Substitute)(PHth-48th) Kirkpatrick-32nd

  • HB 454 - Revenue and taxation; Internal Revenue Code and Internal Revenue Code of 1986; revise terms (RULES Substitute)(W&M-146th) Hufstetler-52nd

  • HB 470 - Georgia Candor Act; enact (Substitute)(Judy-45th) Watson-1st

  • HB 480 - Workers' compensation; benefits; change certain provisions (I&L-20th) Franklin-160th

  • HB 497 - Health; use of certified medication aides in penal institutions; authorize (Substitute)(HR&A-175th) Echols-49th

  • HB 498 - Funeral directors and embalmers; reinstatement of lapsed license; change certain provisions (SBD-149th) Williams-25th

  • HB 504 - Education; exclude amounts attributable to level 1 freeport exemptions for purposes of calculating local five mill share (Substutite)(Ed-155th) Hufstetler-52nd

  • HB 514 - Housing Regulation Transparency Act; enact (Substitute)(GAff-144th) Dugan-30th

  • HB 528 - Georgia Online Automatic Renewal Transparency Act; enact (Substitute)(A&CA-120th) Parent-42nd

  • HB 529 - Insurance; minimum amounts of uninsured and underinsured coverage to be maintained by transportation network and taxi service companies; provide (TRANS-20th) Williams-148th

  • HB 530 - Civil practice; protective orders for certain high-ranking officers; provide (Substitute)(Judy-176th) Cowsert-46th

  • HB 543 - Courts; six-person jury trials in civil actions; revise an exception (Substitute)(Judy-99th) Cowsert-46th

  • HB 607 - Education; revise definition of Zell Miller Scholarship Scholar by changing ACT score requirement for certain students (Substitute)(HEd-169th) Burns-23rd

Legislative Day 38 went well into the evening and several measures were passed in both chambers after our report went to print. Many measures were tabled for Legislative Day 39.

The House voted on the following measures after our deadline on Day 38:

  • SB 35 - Special License Plates; specialty license plate honoring Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc; establish (RULES Substitute)(MotV-81st) Merritt-9th. The Rules Committee Substitute passed by a vote of 137-14.

  • SB 103 - Unclaimed Property; handling of certain wills; provide (RULES Subsitute)(Judy-138th) Goodman-8th. The Rules Committee Substitute passed by a vote of 148-3.

  • SB 233 - 'The Georgia Promise Scholarship Act'; establishment of promise scholarship accounts (RULES Substitute)(Ed-25th) Dolezal-27th. This measure was TABLED.

The Senate voted on the following measures after our deadline on Day 38:

  • HB 80 - Uniform Unsworn Declarations Act; enact  (Substitute) (JUDY-18th) Leverett-123rd. The Committee Substitute passed by a vote of 42-2.

  • HB 128 - Revenue and taxation; representation of minority business enterprises, women and veteran owned businesses in procurement of state contracts; provide (ED&T-3rd) Hong-103rd. The bill passed by a vote of 44-1.

  • HB 383 - Safer Hospitals Act; enact (H&HS-1st) Reeves-99th. The bill passed by a vote of 46-2.

  • HB 475 - Code Revision Commission; revise, modernize and correct errors in omissions (JUDY-18th) Smith-18th. The bill passed by a vote of 46-0.

  • HB 572 - Elections; rename Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission as the State Ethics Commission (ETHICS-25th) Reeves-99th. The bill passed by a vote of 47-0.

What’s Next

The General Assembly is in adjournment on Tuesday and will reconvene for Legislative Day 40, Sine Die, on Wednesday, March 29. 

The House has not yet set a calendar for Legislative Day 40.

The Senate is expected to consider the measures left on the table on Legislative Day 40.

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