Health Canada Issues Front-Of-Pack Labeling Regulation
Friday, July 1, 2022
  • As part of Canada’s comprehensive “Healthy Eating Strategy” aimed at helping Canadians make more healthful food choices, Health Canada has published new front-of-pack (FOP) nutrition labeling regulations covering pre-packaged foods that meet certain dietary thresholds.  See Front-of-Package Nutrition Labeling.

  • The new FOP features a magnifying glass and a dual language warning if a product is “high” in saturated fat, sugars, and/or sodium.

  • For small reference amount foods (foods with a reference amount of no more than 30g), the triggering threshold is 10% of the daily value per reference amount or per serving, whichever is greater.  For foods with a reference amount of greater than 30g, the triggering percentage is 15%.

  • Enforcement of the new regulation begins on January 1, 2026, although the effective date of the regulation is July 20, 2022.  Accordingly, the symbol is likely to begin appearing on foods sold in Canada in the relatively near future.  Keller and Heckman will closely monitor these and other Canadian regulatory initiatives issued as part of its Healthy Eating Strategy.


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