January 19, 2021

Volume XI, Number 19

Clint Townson, Ph.D.

Clint’s background in the fields of communication and trial consulting prepared him well for his position as jury consultant at IMS | The Focal Point. As an expert in the field of communication, he knows how to deliver crisp, effective courtroom messages. His work as a university instructor enabled him to develop an adaptive instructional style, which he now uses when he prepares different types of witnesses for trial. During his training as a trial consultant, Clint became skilled at evaluating mock trial data and identifying the traits that are predictive of verdict outcomes.

Clint holds a PhD in communication from Michigan State University, where he received thorough instruction in research methodology and statistical analysis. Through collaboration with professors and fellow graduate students, he learned to apply quantitative findings to practical outcomes. At The Focal Point, he uses his social science background to help develop sophisticated research approaches, valid and reliable results, and theoretically grounded strategic recommendations. 

A sports junkie, Clint is always up for playing or watching sports—his favorites include lacrosse, basketball, sand volleyball, frisbee, and golf. He participates in a local volleyball league and volunteers as a coach with a local lacrosse organization. He is a third generation Spartan and has bled green since he was young. Clint also has a passion for craft beer, which developed during his short stint as a brewery worker during college.


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