August 5, 2020

Volume X, Number 218

Cornerstone Research

For more than thirty years, Cornerstone Research staff have provided economic and financial analysis in all phases of commercial litigation and regulatory proceedings.

We work with a broad network of testifying experts, including prominent faculty and industry practitioners, in a distinctive collaboration. Our staff consultants contribute expertise in economics, finance, accounting, and marketing, as well as business acumen, familiarity with the litigation process, and a commitment to produce outstanding results. The experts with whom we work bring the specialized expertise of researchers or practitioners required to meet the demands of each assignment.

Cornerstone Research has seven hundred staff and offices in Boston, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and Washington.


Our objective, state-of-the-art analysis has earned us a reputation for excellence and effectiveness. The services we provide include:

  • Consulting with attorneys
  • Engaging and working with expert witnesses
  • Conducting research and analysis
  • Consulting on internal and regulatory inquiries
  • Consulting in motion practice
  • Preparing for deposition and trial


Our diverse areas of specialization provide a breadth of perspective and industry knowledge to attorneys in litigation.

  • Accounting
  • Antitrust and Competition
  • Consumer Fraud and Product Liability
  • Corporate and Government Investigations
  • Data Analytics
  • Energy and Commodities
  • Financial Institutions
  • Healthcare
  • Intellectual Property
  • International Arbitration
  • Labor and Employment
  • Life Sciences
  • Securities
  • Valuation


Contributing authors from Cornerstone Research:

Alexander “Sasha” Aganin, Complex financial issues, securities, bankruptcy, Cornerstone Research
Senior Vice President
Sasha Aganin heads Cornerstone Research’s financial institutions practice. Dr. Aganin specializes in addressing complex financial issues arising in litigation. He has worked extensively to...
Vildan Altuglu Antitrust & Competition Cornerstone Research New York, NY
Vice President
Vildan Altuglu applies economic analysis and marketing research techniques to matters involving product liability, product misrepresentation, false advertising, antitrust, intellectual...
Ceren Canal Aruoba Economic and Financial Analysis Cornerstone Research
Ceren Canal Aruoba provides economic and financial analyses for complex business litigation matters involving pharmaceuticals, healthcare, intellectual property, marketing, and antitrust...
Per Axelson Financial Litigation Cornerstone Research
Senior Manager
Per Axelson is an economic consultant at Cornerstone Research, where he specializes in financial litigation support. He has experience in economic consulting and has taught corporate...
Matteo Li Bergolis Economic, Marketing, & Statistical Matters Cornerstone Research New York, NY
Matteo Li Bergolis focuses on economic, marketing, and statistical matters related to product liability, data privacy, and antitrust litigation. Dr. Li Bergolis applies sophisticated...
Laarni Bulan Financial & Securities Cornerstone Research
Laarni Bulan specializes in the area of finance, consulting on cases related to financial institutions, securities, market microstructure, company valuation, insider trading, and real...
Peter Davis Cornerstone Research
Peter Davis leads Cornerstone Research’s European competition practice and is head of the firm’s London office. Dr. Davis is an expert in competition economics and econometrics, focusing on...
 Gerhard Dijkstra Competition Policy Consultant
Gerhard Dijkstra consults on matters related to competition policy. Mr. Dijkstra has evaluated coordinated, vertical, and unilateral effects, as well as geographic markets analysis. He has...
Greg Eastman Tax Cornerstone Research Washington, DC
Vice President
Greg Eastman analyzes complex economic and accounting issues related to tax, mergers, securities and financial products, and healthcare. He has extensive trial and arbitration expertise and...
Alison Forman Financial and Cornerstone Research
Alison Forman has more than seventeen years of experience consulting on financial accounting, financial reporting, and auditing issues arising in complex litigation, regulatory enforcement...
Lauren Gilbert is an economist with Cornerstone Research.
Laurien Gilbert is an associate in Cornerstone Research’s Washington, D.C. office. She provides economic analysis and expert support in all phases of litigation. Dr. Gilbert has experience...
Sara E. Gilley, Cornerstone Research, securities and white collar litigation
Vice President
Sara Gilley specializes in securities and white-collar litigation. She consults on economic and financial issues related to federal class actions, corporate investigations, and government...
Elaine M. Harwood, Vice President, Accounting Practice, Cornerstone Research
Vice President
Elaine Harwood heads the firm’s accounting practice. She consults to clients and works with experts on securities litigation, complex enforcement matters brought by the Securities and...
Kostis Hatzitaskos VP Antitrust Cornerstone Research
Vice President
Kostis Hatzitaskos coheads Cornerstone Research’s antitrust and competition practice. Citing his econometrics expertise and significant experience analyzing large datasets, Who’s Who Legal ...
Donna Hoffman Cornerstone Research
Donna Hoffman is  renowned  in the area of online consumer experiences, including online consumer behavior, internet marketing, digital commerce, and online search. Her research also...
Ian Hoffman Cornerstone Research
Ian Hoffman is an Associate with Cornerstone Research.
Samid Hussain Consumer Fraud & Product Liability Cornerstone Research New York, NY
Senior Vice President
Samid Hussain heads the consumer fraud and product liability practice at Cornerstone Research. He specializes in analyzing economic, marketing, and statistical (econometrics) issues in...
Iris Jiang Accounting and Finance Cornerstone Research Washington, DC
Iris Jiang specializes in accounting and finance. She has led large teams working with prominent testifying experts to address a variety of topics, including the following. Capital market...
Kivanç Kirgiz Litigation and Financial Analysis Cornerstone Research
Vice President
Kivanç Kirgiz has more than fifteen years of experience applying economic and financial analysis to issues arising in business litigation. Dr. Kirgiz has worked on many large-scale...
Sean Kruskol Litigation and Accounting Research Cornerstone
Sean Kruskol analyzes large, complex datasets related to commercial litigation and accounting disputes. His expertise includes issues related to accounting and auditing, forensic accounting...
Heather B. Lazur, Cornerstone Research, economic and financial instruments
Heather Lazur specializes in cases involving a range of economic and financial issues and instruments, including securities class actions, and cases involving investment performance and...
Greg Leonard European Finance Cornerstone Research London, UK
Vice President
Greg Leonard heads Cornerstone Research’s European finance practice. Dr. Leonard has nearly two decades of experience consulting for clients in complex litigation and regulatory proceedings...
Bob Majure Cornerstone Research
Vice President
Bob Majure has wide-ranging expertise with merger and joint venture analysis, antitrust proceedings, regulatory actions, and appellate filings. He has experience across many industries,...
David F. Marcus, Cornerstone Research, Economy, Finance, Securities Litigation
Senior Vice President
David Marcus leads Cornerstone Research’s finance practice. He has more than twenty years of experience providing consulting services and expert testimony in litigation involving economic...
Frank T. Mascari, Financial and Accounting Consulting, Cornerstone Research
Frank Mascari is a principal in the Chicago office of Cornerstone Research. Mr. Mascari has more than twenty years of experience providing financial and accounting consulting services in...
Steven McBride Financial Reporting & Auditing Cornerstone Research Washington, DC
Steve McBride focuses on financial reporting and auditing issues arising in litigation, internal investigations, and regulatory enforcement actions. Mr. McBride also consults on matters...
Nicole M. Moran, Finance, Economy, Commercial Litigation, Cornerstone Research
Nicole Moran provides financial and economic analysis in complex commercial litigation and regulatory proceedings. She supports experts in preparing for deposition and trial testimony. Her...
Shaama Pandya Consumer Finance Cornerstone Research Washington, DC
Shaama Pandya provides financial and economic analysis on securities and consumer finance matters, including cases involving large datasets. She develops case strategy and goals related to...
Jean-Philippe Poissant Accounting Cornerstone Research Los Angeles, CA
Jean-Philippe “JP” Poissant has more than ten years of experience evaluating complex accounting, professional liability, executive compensation, valuation, corporate governance, and...
Ashish A. Pradhan Intellectual Property & Finance Cornerstone Research Los Angeles, CA
Ashish Pradhan has more than a decade of experience working on complex intellectual property and finance matters, as well as consumer fraud and product liability cases. He has consulted on...
Amir Rozen, Vice President, Expert Services, Securities, accounting, and valuation issues, Cornerstone Research
Vice President
Amir Rozen focuses on litigation, regulatory matters, arbitration, and investigations related to a variety of financial markets, securities, damages, and accounting topics. Mr. Rozen has...
Brendan J. Rudolph, Expert Testimony Preparation, Complex Commercial Litigation, Cornerstone Research
Brendan Rudolph consults to attorneys and helps prepare expert testimony in many phases of complex commercial litigation, including class certification and other motion practice, merits,...
Laurent Samuel Energy Cornerstone Research Washington, DC
Publications Characteristics of U.S. Natural Gas Transactions: FERC Form 552 Submissions as of June 2019 Battle of the Benchmarks: Brent Crude Oil and West Texas Intermediate...
Frank Schneider Consultant Cornerstone Research
Vice President
Frank Schneider assesses loss causation, class certification, economic losses, and valuation issues for companies and investors across a range of industries and financial instruments. He...
Andrew Sfekas Financial & Economic Analysis Cornerstone Research Washington, DC
Senior Economist
Andrew Sfekas provides financial and economic analysis in complex matters involving antitrust and competition in healthcare and life sciences markets. Dr. Sfekas has particular expertise...
Laura E. Simmons, CPA, Certified Public Accountant, Finance Consulting, Cornerstone Research
Senior Advisor
Laura Simmons is a certified public accountant (CPA) and has more than twenty years of experience in accounting practice and economic and financial consulting. She has focused on damages...
Ravi Sinha Securities and Financial Analyst Cornerstone
Vice President
Ravi Sinha has more than ten years of experience working with clients and experts to address complex financial and valuation issues. He has analyzed market efficiency, class certification,...