May 17, 2022

Volume XII, Number 137


May 17, 2022

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May 16, 2022

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Moving Parts of a Successful Law Firm Social Media Campaign

Social Media seems pretty straightforward on the surface. Everyone is doing it! It seems simple enough to create a profile, upload a profile picture and start posting. And for the average Internet user, it is. However, if you want to achieve marketing goals, Social Media becomes a much more intricate process.

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Because it sends a message to potential clients that your firm is transparent, professional, approachable and connected, choosing to use Social Media is important. Sharing a good blend of content will enhance these qualities and showcase your law firm’s expertise.

Identify Your Goals

A successful Social Media marketing strategy begins well before the accounts are created. Start by identifying your goals.

Is your primary goal branding, conversions, social proof, traffic to your Website or simply creating a network around your brand where people can approach you, leave reviews, or even refer your law firm to their social network?

You must identify these goals early. They will even affect many choices you will make, including which social platforms you will be active on.

Choose Your Social Media Platforms

Once you know your goals and have set aside a budget, it’s time to look at the various social networks – namely Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and Avvo. Each of these platforms functions differently. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses. And each one will accomplish different goals.

For example, if you are looking to enhance your SEO campaign with Social Media, create personal and firm Google+ profiles. On the other hand, if you are looking to share your content and connect with more people, create a Facebook business page.

Choose as many social networking sites as necessary to meet your demands. No one says you can only choose one.

To help you with creating an initial Social Media strategy, here is a brief look at each platform’s strengths and weaknesses:

  • Facebook – This is the most popular social network. It makes it much easier to connect with people and drive traffic to your website. Facebook Insights are in-depth and informative, while paid ads are cheap and effective. Facebook is also the most successful for converting followers into clients.

  • Google+ – This platform is closely tied to Google search, Local, and authorship / publisher mark-up. Google+ Communities are also a great place to target users who will likely find your content interesting or helpful. For SEO, Google+ is essential. However, its network isn’t as copious as Facebook.

  • LinkedIn – This is the place to connect with professionals. It is a great place to feature B2B businesses, start a referral network, create Groups to showcase your expertise, get endorsements or find clients who may be in need of your particular field of law (such as estate planning, immigration or business law).

  • Avvo – This is best for showcasing your expertise and connecting with people in your geographical area who currently need a lawyer. It requires vigilant maintenance to earn a good rating. We don’t suggest starting Avvo unless you plan to participate regularly.

  • Twitter – This platform’s use for law firms has been dwindling lately. It has a large network of users and doesn’t differentiate between people and businesses, which makes for easier networking. However, nearly everyone on Twitter has an agenda and is therefore deaf to everyone else’s agenda. There is much more spam to wade through.

Build Your Social Media Network

Once you have chosen platforms and created profiles, the next step is arguably the most important part of Social Media marketing – building your network.

There are many ways to do this on various platforms. However, one maxim remains constant: Build an organic network.

Paying for followers, +1s and likes looks impressive. However, it will hurt your campaign in the long run. Posting to a page with no followers is like speaking to an empty room, and posting to a page with bought followers is like speaking to a room full of mannequins. The result is the same: No one is seeing your content.

Here are a few effective ways to grow your network:

  • Use charity or community initiatives, donations and scholarships – These initiatives showcase your law firm’s passions and attract loyal like-minded followers.

  • Use paid ads – These ads keep your law firm in front of new users and target the right people. This is also a fantastic way (via Facebook) to promote your content and drive traffic to your Website.

  • Use outreach – This is a great way to foster mutually beneficial relationships. If done properly, outreach efforts can enhance your Social Media and SEO campaigns.

Post Quality Content

Posting quality content is essential. After all, what use is a large, loyal network if you never engage them? Post a variety of content that is interesting and shareable, such as:

  • Pictures

  • Blogs

  • Local and national news

  • Firm news.

Never try your hard call to action on Social Media. At best, it will be ignored. At worst, it will drive your followers away.

Social Media is about making your law firm approachable and connecting with people. You can achieve this by posting interesting, quality content that your followers will want to read and interact with.

It’s arguable which is more important to a successful Social Media campaign – content or networking. We believe it’s safe to say that one relies on the other. Both are crucial.

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