January 30, 2023

Volume XIII, Number 30


January 27, 2023

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Star Wars Producers Plead Guilty in Harrison Ford Injury Case

Even Han Solo cannot avoid workplace injuries.  Battling stomtroopers has its risks, and the British Health and Safety Executive (HSE), Britain’s national regulator for workplace health and safety, accepted a guilty plea today from a Disney subsidiary for failing to protect actors and workers following an incident in which actor Harrison Ford was seriously injured during the filming of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

HSE enforces a similar provision to the OSHA general duty clause and the HSE may bring criminal charges under some circumstances.

A spokesman for HSE noted:

“During the filming of Star Wars Episode Seven: The Force Awakens, the actor Harrison Ford was badly injured after he became trapped under a rapidly closing metal-framed door. The power of the door’s drive system was comparable to the weight of a small car.

“This was a foreseeable incident. Foodles Production (UK) Ltd has accepted it failed to protect actors and staff and HSE welcomes the firm’s guilty plea.

“Every employer in every industry has a legal duty to manage risks in the workplace. Risks are part and parcel of everyday life, and this is acknowledged by health and safety law – but they still need to be identified and managed in a proportionate way.

The New York Times reports that the Disney subsidiary challenges the HSE’s asssessment of the danager that Mr. Ford was exposed to.

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